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Belle in other version than Disney Princess

    Today I wanna show my Belle Doll. She's one of my Disney Princesses dolls but in my collection she very fast say goodbye to princess dress because I gave her new look. For many years I loved Disney Princesses as characters but their look was usually to much sweet for me. When I saw on internet very beautiful graphics where Disney Princesses was wearing casual clothes I decided, if I will ever have Disney Princess doll in my Collection I will give her so many casual clothes as that possible.

    So today You can see my Belle in two casual looks. First look that pink t shirt, skinny jeans and yellow boots. Second look that light pink dress in daisies and gold sneakers. First session with first look and bubbles I made today, session in pink dress couple months ago.

    My doll have changed body on Barbie made to move body, it gives her more possibilities to wearing more clothes. 

    More photos soon on my Instagram: dollsdreamsfactory.

    And here are pictures from official Mattel website, I wanna show how my doll look in box and why I decided to change her body. For me that molded top of dress is obstacle to give her more casual looks so I must changed her body. 

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